Embarking on a New Adventure

Embarking on a New Adventure


When our head of school asked if I wanted to assume the responsibilities of our our retiring Registrar, I was very reluctant at first. The idea of tackling the massive puzzle of our complicated schedule as well as the never ending deluge of paperwork that comes with the position didn’t sound appealing. I didn’t think, flat out, that this would be something I would enjoy. Yet at the same time, it would mean getting back in the classroom; which was something I greatly missed as a CIT – so I was torn.


It wasn’t until I spoke with long time MICDS Dean and purveyor of wisdom John Oleski that I had a change of heart. When I asked his thoughts on the idea of changing positions he encouraged me to take it, reminding me that as registrar, I have a direct impact on every student in the entire school, often working with them one on one to meet their course goals for graduation. “You become integral to the very fabric of the school”, he said. I had been focused so much on myself and my dislike of day to day paperwork that I didn’t realize the potential positive impact I could have on students.


I originally wrote these first two paragraphs before the start of the school year, and I can say now that I have made the right choice. Everyone wants to be valued and appreciated for the work that they do. Teachers have a unique opportunity to help others navigate one of the toughest transitional periods in life. Stepping into the role of teacher again has allowed me to reconnect with my roots, and find a refreshed purpose in my professional career.


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